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How to get 10 METAIF for promoting the Meta Investment Fund

Step 1. Write an article about Meta Investment Fund and METAIF token
*A hyperlink must be used in the article or in the profile of the author of the article: or
*The length of the article is at least 500 characters
*It is allowed to use your partner code in the article

Step 2. Place the article on the Internet.
* Articles can be repeated on different resources on the Internet
*To receive METAIF for a repeated article, fill out the «Get Airdrop METAIF» application again
*It is not allowed to repeat an article within one resource

Step 3. Fill out the form «Get Airdrop METAIF»
*METAIF is sent after the application has been verified if all Airdrop conditions are met

Possible articles:
— Description of the project Meta Investment Fund
— METAIF token trading, METAIF analytics or Meta Investmnet Fund
— How the Meta Investment Fund works
— How to become a market maker in METAIF
— How to make money on METAIF
— Examples of personal investment in METAIF
— Prospects for Meta Investment Fund
— Description of the affiliate program or attracting partners to the Meta Investment Fund
— Advertising Meta Investment Fund and METAIF
— Description of the benefits of Meta Investment Fund and METAIF and other options…

If you have any questions FAQ: